Being the largest healthcare co-operative in Singapore, NTUC Health aims to deliver greater social impact to the community. Apart from moderating healthcare cost through offering affordable and easily accessible healthcare products and services to the public, Unity Pharmacy also works with NTUC Health to provide free health checks and set up self-help health check stations to help the elderly, empower them to care for their health and wellness, enabling them to live life to the fullest.

Self-help Health Check Stations

Self-help health check stations have been set up in seven NTUC Health Silver ACE Centres located islandwide. The station consists of basic equipment that allows users to check blood pressure and their body mass index. The seniors at the centres are encouraged to perform the checks on their own so that they can take charge of their own health. Staff at the centres can also assist to perform the checks for those seniors who are unable to do so on their own. More than 1,200 seniors living around the vicinity of the centres are estimated to benefit from this initiative.

Basic Health Checks

A group of Unity pharmacists visit five NTUC Health Silver ACE centres quarterly to conduct health checks and medication reviews for the seniors. The checks include blood pressure, blood glucose and body mass index. Many seniors suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension and/or diabetes and other illnesses. It is very important that their health conditions get monitored on a regular basis to prevent them from deteriorating.

On top of the health checks, medication review is also a very important process. More often than not, the seniors consume various types of medications on a daily basis without knowing what they are for. The medication review will enable the pharmacists to explain to the seniors the purpose of each of the medication and how to consume them to prevent drug conflicts that will result in negative effect on their health.

We support Baby Bonus

Unity supports Baby Bonus. As one of the approved institutions (AIs), you can use you’re the savings in CDA to pay for healthcare expenses for your children. Simply present your OCBC Bank, POSB/ DBS, Standard Chartered Bank and UOB baby bonus card for payment. For more details, visit


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